Osiris Statuette



Osiris was the god of rebirth. The inscription on the pedestal base of the statue names the donor: ‘May Osiris give life (to) Djed-bastet-iu-ef-ankh, son of Padi-khonsu, his mother is Hery-bastet.’ The statuette is solid with finely modelled features. Osiris is shown in the tight wrap of his linen bandages with his hands exposed to hold the royal insignia of crook and flail. He wears a broad collar of beads around his neck, an artificial curled beard and the plumed atef crown with a uraeus cobra rising from the front. The name of the dedicator is Djedbastetiuefankh [Dd-bAstt-jw.f-anx] who was the son of Padikhonsu [pA-dj-xnsw] and Herybastet [hr-bAstt]. Air Raid Protection no. 1516.