Overseer Shabti of Hor-pen-iset card

Overseer Shabti of Hor-pen-iset


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This ‘overseer’ shabti wears the projecting triangular apron of daily life and a tripartite wig that has fairly short front lappets. Breasts are faintly indicated in the modelling. The right arm is held across the chest, and holds a whip modelled in relief and painted black. The left arm hangs down by the side of the body. The legs are indicated in the modelling. The back of both figures have a horizontal yoke from which a mystery object is suspended, both elements being added in black. The shabti has a vertical column of inscription that starts on the chest and extends down the front of the apron: "The Osiris, Hor-pen-Iset". From Cemetery E, tomb 269 and one of six shabtis of Hor-Pen-Ist in World Museum.