Overseer Shabti of Hor-pen-iset



An overseer type shabti of green glazed faience inscribed for Horpeniset. The shabti wears a projecting triangular apron and a plain tripartite wig with fairly short front lappets. The right arm is held across the chest, and holds a whip modelled in relief and painted black. The left arm hangs down by the side of the body. The legs are indicated in the modelling. The back of the shabti has a horizontal yoke from which a hoe (?) is suspended, both elements being added in black. A vertical column of hieroglyphs on the front starts on the chest and extends down the front of the apron front and reads “The Osiris, HorpenIset”. From the 1900 excavations of the Egyptian Research Account at Abydos, Cemetery E, tomb 269. One of six shabtis from the burial of Horpeniset in the collection of World Museum. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Label adhered to surface.