Overseer Shabti of Neb-neteru


This ‘overseer’ shabti wears the characteristic short-sleeved tunic, kilt and starched apron of daily life. The head wears a plain short bipartite or duplex wig, with a seshed headband tied at the back. The ties of the headband are very long, and reach down to the ankles. This is a typical feature that is to be found on some shabtis that come from the Ramesseum. The front lappets have details of curls shown in relief. The left arm hangs down by the side of the body, and the right arm is folded across the waist. The right hand is outlined in black, and it carries a long whip that is painted in the same colour. The face is simply shaped, and has the eyes with brows added in black. The lower legs, ankles and feet are shown in the modelling. A vertical column of a painted inscription on the front of the apron says: The Osiris, the God's Father of Mut, Neb-neteru, justified. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: Wsir it-nTr n mw.t nb-nTr.w mAa-xrw, "The Osiris, the God's Father of Mut, Neb-neteru, justified." Received as an anonymous donation in 1901 with 2 strings of beads also from the Ramesseum (a local donor to the Egyptian Research Account?).