Palace Interior with Thirteen Figures (Set for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1700


This watercolour painting depicts a set design for the play 'Queen Victoria'. The scene depicts a grand room with cream or very pale gold walls. Decorating the walls is a ornamentation such as panelling and large pillars. Along the top of the walls and cieling are pink curtain drapes. An arched entranceway on the right side of the stage for the viewer features its own draped curtains. In the centre of the cieling a chandelier hangs down and small lightls line the walls. A bust statue is in the very centre of the back wall. Several figures stand on a pink carpet, either inside the room or entering through the archway. The female figures are wearing ball gowns and the male figures are wearing red and black uniform. They are all facing or bowing to a female figure in a black dress with a long train. The figure is walking up a set of steps to an open door with an arched window above it on the left side of the stage. This figure potentially represents Queen Victoria, due to its resemblance of popular depictions of her dress.