Papers of maritime cadet David A Hadfield, 1949



Papers regarding David A. Hadfield: certificates proving passed sight examinations, application response from The Blue Funnel Line October 1949, Midshipmen conditions of service from the Alfred Holt & Co, flyer for annual meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society of Hoylake Auxillary ay St Luke's Methodist Church October 1949 - letter written on the back from a Captain Viekers, MDHB Qualifications for applicants for Boathand in Pilotage service, West Kirby Calday Grange Grammar School letter of recommendation and praise from R. Eldred Witt Headmaster November 1949, doctor's note of fitness to work, 1st West Kirby Boy scouts letter of recommendation, letter from Mr Hadfield to Liverpool Pilotage Service with application documents, letter to a doctor about David's progress with his application to Pilotage service (written by unknown author), letter from MDHB requesting examination attendance, two more letters regarding David, response from Blue Funnel line returning application supporting documents, Blue Funnel Line asking David to attend a renal efficiency test to ascertain whether he had fully recovered from nephritis Sep 1950, Article about Outward Bound Sea School by G. R. Lavers (publication not mentioned), May 1955 letter from MDHB regarding David's dismissal from Pilotage service due to eyesight not being up to standard needed for the job, April and August 1954 failed sight test certificates, Dec 1950 letter from Blue Funnel Line asking him to come in as they had a vacancy for a Midshipmen, Outward Bound Sea School report card and advertisement pamphlet, several more letters of correspondence from Blue Funnel Line to David and his parents, cheque to Outward Bound Sea School for 4 week course fee 1950, Midshipmen's outfit list from Sailor's Home store in Canning Place Liverpool with instructions for Self Measure on the back, , letters conveying acceptance to Outward Bound Sea School in 1950.