Papers re vessel Pearl, British registered, captured during the American Civil War, 1863 and claim for compensation for cotton destroyed in Columbus, Georgia, 1865



Vessel Pearl, Captain Jolly [after Cork, Captain Irvin previously] is captured on 20 January 1863 off Cuba and taken to Key West, Florida. Its stated voyage is from Glasgow to Nassau, Bahamas, via Cork, Tenerife and St Thomas with a cargo of 10 bundles of seaman's coats. Captured by USS Tioja of the US Navy [Union] and taken before the District Court in Florida. The accusation is that the vessel is a blockade runner intending to carry cotton from the Confederate States to the UK to raise money for the Confederates. Items include documents relating to the court case in America and subsequent sale of the vessel, efforts to involve the British Government in the case, and claims for compensation by the vessel owners. Papers relating to bales of cotton destroyed on the orders of General Wilson in Columbus, Georgia in 1865. The British owners of the cotton - John and Thomas Johnson, Merchants of Liverpool and Shand, Higson and Company (Walcot Shand, John Higson and Peter Swinton Boult), Merchants of Liverpool, claim against the US Government, 1867-1872. Includes receipts for cotton purchased and cotton certificate bonds and Confederate State loan bonds, 1862 - 1871.