Papers relating to the barque Pantoleon, its owner John Panteleone Schilizzi and ship's master Samuel Flood, 1855-1865.



Captain Samuel Flood, 1821-1889 [possibly], Devon, Liverpool Master’s Certificate 1849 [?], sails barque Pantoleon, 1855-1862. Retires from the sea and takes up farming. Barque Pantoleon, built Sunderland 1855. Surveyed in 1862 – felted and yellow metalled, 449 tons, owners J Schilizzi, registered Liverpool, official number 7052. John Panteleone Schilizzi, Greek merchant, based in Liverpool. Retires to Egypt. Collection consists of – Agreement between John P Schilizzi, owner of barque Pantoleon and Captain Samuel Flood, Master of Pantoleon, 20 August 1861. Sets our wages and terms of service, includes an instruction that the crew must be not more than 15 men. 1 item. Letters from Schilizzi in Liverpool to Flood in various ports, including Valparaiso, New Orleans, Singapore, London, Mauritius, 1855-1861. A letter of 1855 refers to Mrs Flood having given birth on board Pantoleon and Schilizzi’s offering/expecting to be the child’s godfather. Some letters reference the American Civil War and its possible effects on shipping. Includes a manuscript copy of an article on guano. Some letters are copies, perhaps sent twice in an effort to reach Flood. 17 items and 7 envelopes. Letters to Flood from his family in Devon. Broadwoodkelly, Crediton, Devon. His wife and children – Panty, Agnes, Tom and a baby. Also one letter from Mrs Flood to her daughter Panty. 7 items. Letters from Flood to Schilizzi. Flood to D W Davies, ship and insurance broker of Liverpool, also a reply from Davies re Flood leaving the sea and taking up farming. Letter from Flood to George Golding re seeking a farm. Reference by Flood for Robert William Erving, ship’s carpenter, 1860. Some of Flood’s accounts and notes. 8 items. Business cards for shipping suppliers in various ports, mainly London, but also Antwerp, Rio de Janeiro, Liverpool, Valparaiso, Isle of Wight. Drapers, butchers, pilot, wire rope, insurance brokers, shipping agents, ironmongers, chart and chronometer suppliers. Also an advertisement and price list from Ward & Co, St David’s, Exeter supplier of fertilizer including Peruvian Guano. 18 items. Items relating to Pantoleon. Her Majesty’s Consulate, San Francisco Certificate re Captain Flood and vessel clearing for Callao, 1863. Receipt for tobacco, vinegar and meat from Mongomery, Fox and Company, Liverpool for Pantoleon, Captain Flood. Note from Registrar General re Pantoleon. Account of time expended by Pantoleon on West Coast of South American in discharging and loading cargo and time spent at London, related to ship charter party agreement. 4 items. Flood’s domestic receipts for decorating, buying a cow and calf and a table. 5 items. Newscuttings on shipping matters, 3 items.