Papers from the shipping career of Jeff Friar, purser and clerk.



Papers from the career of Jeff Friar. Worked for Moss Hutchison as clerk in the outward forwarding department, February 1957 - November 1961. Palm Line as writer, assistant writer and purser, November 1961 - December 1964. Shipping Federation and General Council of British Shipping as Official and Senior Official, January 1965 - September 1990. Mersey Medical Centre as an administrator, October 1990 - October 2015. Item include papers from the Mann Island office of the Liverpool branch of the Shipping Federation. Letters, telegrams, forms, newscuttings re seafarers, strikes etc. Papers re Palm Line, purser's paperwork from voyages. 1919-1985. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.