Paton Family: seafarers and polish manufacturers.



The collection consists of personal correspondence, photographs and other items and ephemera relating to Captain Walter Paton and his descendents. Captain Walter Paton was born at Leith in 1825. His father, also called Walter, was a marine surveyor who died in 1873. Captain Walter Paton gained his master’s certificate in 1847 and died in 1884. He captained a steam vessel during the Crimean War making regular passage between Liverpool, Europe and the USA. He commanded several vessels and his knowledge of steam engines and high speed navigation, led to his appointment as captain of the Great Eastern. After leaving the sea he served as a member of the Liverpool Pilotage Committee and a Nautical Assessor. Captain Walter Paton had two sons and two daughters, James, Walter, Barbara and Josephine. His elder son, Walter, born in 1858, was drowned trying to rescue a shipmate whilst serving on the Rokeby Hall in 1877. His younger son, James, was born on board the Great Eastern at New York and embarked on a career at sea, before cancelling his indentures after the death of his brother. In 1887 he established a company selling cleaning products and polish which would become Paton, Calvert & Co following his marriage to Miss Kate Calvert in 1893. Products included Patons Cleanall Powder and Matchless Metal Polish, patents included the “Deep Gap” Stamping Press in 1901 and the Automatic Beading Machine in 1902. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.