A small South Italian (Late Apulian) pelike with a ring base, a globular body, short and lean neck a flat and wide rim at the top, two vertical handles from the shoulder to the top of the neck. The pelike is decorated in the red-figure on black background technique. The profile of a female figure with wings is on one of the main sides of the body of the pelike. The head is painted in thick white paint and so is the outline of the wings, the interior of the wings is painted in brown red, thin colour. The woman's head is turned upwards and she has her hair tied in a high knot at the back of the head. She is framed by voluted stems next to each of the wings. There are bands of ovolo decoration in thick white colour at the base of the neck and the lower body. The back side of the pelike only has decoration at the centre of the neck, a white rosette, framed by two vertical lines of white dots at each of its sides. In between the vertical white dots are thin inscirbed lines. The overall slip is of good quality and lustrous. Slithg chips at the flat top surface of the rim.