Pendant card



Currently not on display

Gold pendant, a disc of sheet gold, with boss punched up in centre from back (hollow), and corrugated loop (1 broad flanked by two narrower ridges, inside quite flat) rolled with edges clipping disc just below edge. Decorated with rows of punched annulets, flanked by rows of punched dots, making borders around edge and central boss and six-fold star-pattern in between. Traces of reddish-looking solder on back against loop. Loop nicked at edges, suggesting a fair amount of wear The pendant was found in the grave of the woman buried with the Kingston Brooch (M6226), along with a pair of silver safety-pin brooches (M6235), and iron chatelaine, remains of a wooden box with iron fittings, a pottery vessel, a glass palm cup (M6228), a bronze hanging-bowl with enamelled escutcheons and print, and a two-handled bronze pan with trivet..