Large red carnelian scarab in modern silver pendant mount; edges chipped sometime prior to mounting, leaving one side of the longitudinal boring exposed. Engraved scene in a globolo style within a rope-pattern border (orlo etrusco): a nude man facing right with arms akimbo, back (left) leg folded up behind his body to meet his right hand, and a spear cradled upright behind his back. Before him, facing outward, is a large bird with an egg (drilled hemisphere) beneath it; the man appears to be holding reins and a crop behind its head, as if he would ride or drive it. The man’s right (back) leg is bent backward as if he holds his foot in his left hand; he appears bearded, with a wreath or helmet on his head (sharp, projecting corners break the outline of his globular skull). The crane- or swan-like bird is rendered with long neck, thin beak, raised wing-feathers and long, thin legs.