Pebble probably used to crush and grind pigment for cosmetics. Marked by the excavator in ink 'B17', a grave number which Petrie dated to Sequence Date 30 - 50. Excavated in Petrie's Predynastic cemetery B near the modern village of Abadiya (Abadiyeh), grave number B17 recorded by Petrie dated it to Sequence Date 30 - 50 and who described the grave as "the intact grave of an elderly man, contracted, head [facing south]; only 14 lower vertebrae were in line, the skull placed with its base against the upper vertebra, facing backwards, the jaw detached, in front of the face; one scapula and arm united, the other scattered. A jar by the head contained 36 scarab beetles, two-thirds full grown, a third small." ('Diospolis Parva', p. 32.).