Photograph album titled "Ships & Steamers"



Red leather-bound photograph album with "Ships & Steamers" embossed i gold leaf on cover. Compiled by James H. Beazley, son of 19th century Liverpool shipowner James Beazley (Beazley Line and British Shipowners Co. Ltd.). The album consists of 320 albumen and silver gelatin prints, with captions written in ink detailing vessel names, builders, owners, measurements, tonnage. There are also several modern magazine clippings interted between pages. The photographs document ships from sail to steam and include vessels owned by major shipping companies. On the frontispiece has been pasted a newspaper clipping from the Liverpool Journal of Commerce, dated 12 April 1902, which mentions that the album was loaned by Jamez Beazley (Gracie Beazley & Co.) for display at the Liverpool Underwriter's Association.