Pilcher Jun (Young Sailor) and Raggles (Costume Design for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1667


This watercolour painting depicts the designs for two male figures from the play 'Queen Victoria'. An inscription on the lower left below the figure on the left reads 'Pilcher Jun' and an inscription below the figure on the right reads 'Raggles 1854'. The figure on the left is standing with one hand on their waist. They have black hair below a black cap. The costume features a white shirt with a black neck tie below a short black double breasted coat, buttoned up. There is a white ring detail on the sleeve. They are also wearing black trousers. The costume for the figure on the right features a long black buttoned up boat on top of a white shirt and a black neck tie. A white handkerchief is tucked into the breast pocket. This is worn with grey/ black trousers, grey/black pointed dress shoes and a black top hat. The figure has black facial hair. They are standing with both hands behind their back.