Portrait of a man restored as double herm with female portrait



Portrait of an old man restored as a double herm with a female portrait. Only the front park of the male head is ancient and portrays an elderly man with wrinkles There are three lines on his forehead forming a triangle and deep grooves around his nose and his sagging cheeks. The eyebrows contract and are bushy with some wrinkles around the eyes and a serious expression. He has short hair and some locks combed onto the forehead and arranged in two small forks, one above the inner left eye and another around the external corner of the right eye. The portrait may have come from a grave relief and the restoration with the older woman was probably due to the fact the back part of the head was missing. There was disagreement as to the actual dating of the male portrait and whether it was Trajanic or Republican. Jane Fejfer proposed a late Republican early Augustan period There is no evidence for the two portraits having belonged together, the male one being much earlier in date.