Postcard showing crowds gathered outside St george's Hall on Red Sunday



Black and white postcard by Carbonora Co., Wilde St, Liverpool. Image shows a large crowd of people gathered for a transport workers' industrial action rally outside St George's Hall in Lime Street, on 13 August 1911. The event, which saw 85,000 people gather to listen to speakers, including Transport Federation Workers union leader Tom Mann. The event became known as "Red Sunday" or "Bloody Sunday" after police led a baton charge on the crowd, upon orders from Home Secretary Winston Churchill, resulting in many arrests and injuries The following day, as those arrested were being transported under military escort by police van to Walton Gaol, striking workers threw objects and bricks at the 18th Hussars. The soldiers opened fire on the crowd, killing two young men in what was declared during an inquest as "justifiable homicide".