Poster, 'Homotopia. A Queer New World'



2006 was the third time Homotopia, a queer arts festival based in Liverpool, had been held, and was celebrated 26 October - 18 November with the theme, Queer New World. Homotopia had continued to grow from its two previous years. In 2006 it consisted of over 70 acts including the continuation of the Liverpool Lesbian and Gay Film Festival which built on the successes of the previous year when it premiered, showing 30 films over the course of the festival. As well as the film festival there were theatrical performances, comedy and club nights and a special event with Janni Kowalski, a gay Holocaust survivor who had survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. One of the legacies of Homotopia 2006 was the completion of the Our Story Liverpool project, a community history project managed by the Unity Theatre and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Liverpool Culture Company to uncover, record and archive the experiences of LGBT communities in Liverpool.