Poster, 'Liverpool Pride 2010'



Liverpool's first official Pride event took place 7 & 8 August 2010. Before 2010, Liverpool was the largest city in the UK not to have an official Pride festival until Labour Councillor, Nick Small, put forward a motion in support of setting up an official Pride on 28 January 2009. The motion was passed by 74 votes against 2. There had been earlier unofficial Pride festivals held in the city, the first in 1979 and others in the 1980s and 90s but there had been no official support and none of these early Pride festivals had been celebrated regularly. Following consultation with local LGBT communities it was decided to hold the city’s first official Pride event on the closest weekend to the 2nd anniversary of the homophobic murder of Michael Causer, in order to commemorate and remember the Liverpool teenager. The event was attended by 21,000 people and consisted of 18 hours of performances across three stages in the city centre at Dale Street, North John Street and Exchange Flags. The first ever theme was 'Rainbow Circus'. Kindly donated to the Museum of Liverpool by Liverpool Pride.