Potrait painting; Lieutenant John Caldwell



Portrait in oils of Captain John Caldwell dressed for an inter-nation council at Wakeetomike, Canada, c.1780, in gilt frame. Unknown artist. He and his commanding officer, Colonel Arent Schuyler DePeyster, were key figures in the treaty process with Native Americans on the American/Canadian border. Caldwell lived among the tribes, and learned their languages in order to understand their culture and gain their trust in negotiations. Label on front: 'THE PORTRAIT OF SIR JOHN CALDWELL BART 8TH THE KING'S REGIMENT WHO COLONEL DE PEYSTER SENT FROM DETROIT TO SANDUSKY TO REQUIRE OF THE SHAWNEE, DELAWARE, MINGOES, AND OTHERS TO BURY THE HATCHET, AT THE PRELIMINARIES OF PEACE WHICH WAS SIGNED BETWEEN GREAT BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES 1782'