Cylinder shaped potstand to support a jar, bowl or plate. There is an applied figure of a naked female figure with both breasts exposed and the pubic area is defined by a triangle with incised dots. She holds her left hand on top of her head, perhaps supporting a load, with her right hand broken away. Decorated with incised lines and some remains of red pigment. Broken at the top and the base. Part of a small group of similar shaped objects excavated at Beni Hasan 1902-1904 by the Beni Hasan Excavation Committee. Revd. William MacGregor acquired the object as a member of the Beni Hasan Excavation Committee. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Incomplete, pitted, surface loss, surface dirt; Conserved for display in 2008. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no 13511; Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 26 June - 6 July 1922 (MacGregor Collection): Lot 1793/8: "A large unglazed terra-cotta Bowl 12 7/8 diam; another glazed 8 7/8in diam, found at Abydos (Tomb 1106) in 1909, 6th Dynasty; another 9 1/4in diam, with spout for pouring, same period and provenance as the foregoing; a Bowl, of globular form, with short neck and recurved lip, 4 3/8in high by 5 3/4in diam, found by Professor Petrie at Negadeh, Archaic period; a Portion of an unglazed earthenware Vase, of roughly cylindrical form, with figure of a woman in relief, 10 1/2in high; a Vase of globular form with crude imitation of a human figure, in raised work on the body of the vase, 5 in high; an ovate bowl, in brown terra-cotta, with simple lip 4 3/4in high; the last three Pre-dynastic; also a one-handled Vase, with short neck and four-ringed lip, on ring base; the body of the vase is hemispherical to the shoulders where it tapers off abruptly to the neck; the deep reddish-brown terra-cotta is decorated with a pattern in incised lines 4 3/4in high".