Predynastic Figure


Human figure made from clay and painted red. Male with applied triangular applied sheath, beard. Two impressed lines running from the top of the back and beneath both arm pits. The head and right arm are missing. The left arm is broken at the elbow and shows that the forearm was held outwards away from the body. The right leg is missing below the calf and the left leg is missing below the hip. There is white paint or plaster (?) on the lower half of the figure which occurs on old breaks indicating this was applied after the figure was broken. Excavated in Cemetery B near the modern village of Abadiya (Abadiyeh), grave B219. Compare with other predynastic red-painted clay figurines of men from the same site in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London (UC10791 and UC10796). Compare with 'Anthropomorphic Figurines' by Peter Ucko, p.32, pl.V. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Broken, burnt, white residue. CONDITION NOTE 2016: Fair. Fairly worn and pitted surface. Lower half of the figure is covered in accretions.