Prince Albert and Prince Ernest (Costume Design for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1657


This watercolour painting depicts the costume designs for two male figures from the play 'Queen Victoria'. An inscription to the left of the figure on the left identifies them as 'Albert Oct 10 1939' and an inscription to the right of the figure on the right identifies them as 'Ernest'. Both figures appear to be young and have brown head and facial hair, including a moustache and side burns. The figure on the left is depicted standing with one hand raised to the waist. They are wearing a black shirt and black trousers with a white and red patterened waistcoat and an unbuttoned blue tailcoat. The figure on the right is also depicted standing with one hand raised. They are wearing black trousers and a white shirt with a grey necktie. Layered on top of the shirt are a yellow waisctoat and a green buttoned tailcoat.