Prince Albert and Prince of Wales (Costume Design for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1661


This watercolour painting depicts the designs for two male figures from the play 'Queen Victoria'. An inscription to the right of the figures identifies them as 'Albert and Bertie'. Both characters are depicted carrying some kind of staff or stick. The character on the left is an older male figure with brown head and facial hair, including a beard and moustache. The figure on the right appears to be a child, about waist-height, with blonde hair. Both figures are wearing black, red and cream tartan kilts, red and cream tartan socks and Sporrans at the waist. The sporron on the figure to the left is more ornate. The figure on the left is wearing a white shirt, black tie, cream waistcoat and a yellow checked short jacket with a breast pocket, worn unbuttoned. The figure on the right is wearing a white shirt with a red tie underneath a brown short jacket.