Programme, 'Queertet 2015'



Queertet 2015 was a theatrical live event during Liverpool Pride. Queertet has been run yearly since 2012. Queertet aims to give a platform to new writing, acting, and directing talent by showcasing four short LGBT-related in one evening. In 2015 it was held at the Unity Theatre, Hope Place on 22-24 July in the build up to Liverpool’s main Pride event on 1st August. The four plays performed were: Pulse Written by John Maines Directed by Jordan Leighton A comic take on gay super heroes and super villians and features the infamous "gay ray"! The F**k Written by Stuart Crowther Directed by Samuel Erskine A darkly erotic and physical piece of theatre about two lovers and their personal desires Bye Written by Franki Le-Voguer Directed by Staurt Crowther About two girlfriends who seem to find love at the most awkward of times. Described as a "lipstick lesbian" rom-com Mates Rates Written by Wes Williams Directed by Antony Proctor After a very unusual party its time to pick up the pieces for 4 friends. A rom-com with heart! "As a bisexual woman, it was really nice to be in a play which dealt with bisexuals and the issues that we face. Despite there being a huge number of bisexual people out there, I think we're often underrepresented, particularly within the LGBT community, and it was really great to have people from the audience come up to me afterwards and say 'oh my god, that play could have been about me!” - Mary Jayne Cooper (who played Natalie, in Bye), speaking in 2015