ID: A lower leg prosthesis. The top half, called the socket, which would have fitted to Bobby's residual leg, or stump, is a nude / beige colour. It's followed by a dark metal tube called a pylon, inside a clear plastic cover. There is a foot attached at the bottom, covered by a beige sock. Bobby, from Walton, had his leg amputated after a bus accident in 1995, aged 53. He spent many weeks in hospital learning how to walk again. He distinctly remembers the lack of choice when he got his first prosthetic leg. He says: “I was in the waiting room at the prosthetist’s office, and he had a catalogue of different legs. When I pointed one out, he said “you can have it, if you’ve got £1500”. You had no say in what you were given back then.” Bobby is the chairman of Amputees and Carers Support in Liverpool (ACSIL). They provide invaluable support, advice and social events for local amputees, their families, and carers. A fundamental part of ACSIL’s work is meeting with people before they are due to have their amputation, to support them through the process from the very beginning. Bobby says that he tries his best to reassure people at this difficult time, and often tells them: “Once you’re an amputee, your life doesn’t finish, it starts a second time.”