Push 'N Pop Fidget Toy



ID: A purple rubber toy in the shape of a unicorn's head, with tactile bubbles you can push in and out, inside clear packaging with a label that reads "Push 'N Pop!". Rebecca, from Netherton, was given this unicorn ‘Push ‘N Pop’ fidget toy by Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. It was a thank you for when she advised them about sensory items for patients during Learning Disability Week. She loves fidget toys as they “help sooth and calm me”. Her favourite is in the shape of a rainbow. Before fidget toys were developed, she enjoyed popping bubble wrap. She likes that a wide range of people use fidget toys which helps her to feel accepted, and says: "Pop fidget toys help me to cope with my day when I am anxious.” Rebecca is a member of People First Merseyside, a self-advocacy organisation run by and for people with learning disabilities.