Pyramidion of Neferronpet



Granite pyramidion from a small pyramid built over the tomb of Neferronpet, vizier and High Priest of Ptah from the reign of Ramesses II to the reign of Sety II. Inscribed on four sides with sunk hieroglyphs, arranged into three columns, the text names Neferronpet's son the God's Father of Ptah Bakenptah, Neferronpet's wife Mutpipu and four daughters: Inuhayet, Taweretkha'ti, Res(et), and Henutmeter. One side indicates that the pyramidion/tomb was made by his son Bakenptah. Two corners were damaged by the heat of a fire when the museum was bombed in the Second World War. Translation of the text by Professor Kenneth Kitchen of the University of Liverpool: Side 1: The Osiris, Noble in charge of the Two Lands, Prefect and Vizier, Neferronpet, born of the lady of the house, Qafriati, and son of the dignitary Neferronpet, justified. Side 2: The Osiris, High Priest (of Ptah), and sem-priest, Neferronpet, justified; his daughter, Inuhayet, justified; and his daughter, Taweret-khati. Side 3: Unveil your face, see the Lord of the Horizon, O Prefect and Vizier, Neferronpet! (And) his daughter, Musician of the Lady of the Sycamore, Res(et); his daughter, Henutmeter, justified. Side 4: Made by his son, who perpetuates his name, the God's Father of Ptah, Bakenptah, son of the Prefect and Vizier, Neferronpet, and born of Mutpipu. Notes by Professor Kenneth Kitchen (1987): "Neferronpet's mother, Qafriati, bears a foreign name, of not-wholly-clear origin...I find two possibilities: Gofrit, 'Brimstone' (a fiery lady?); Gafrit, 'female heart' (relying on an Arabic cognate of Hebrew Oper).