The Queen of Hearts, design for a Frieze

WAG 6808


Bell was Instructor of painting and drawing at the Art Sheds 1894-1898. This drawing is thought to be connected with the artist's designs for the University Club decorations in 1896. The University Club emerged from an ambitious group of individuals from the University College (now University of Liverpool). They were the driving force who fought for University status which was granted in 1904. The University Club settled into 9 Sandon Terrace in 1895. Calling themselves the ‘New Testament’, it became a place where the members could meet, drink and share ideas. Albert Lipczinski (1876-1977), an artist who attended classes at the Art Sheds captured one of their meetings in 1914 with a group portrait now in Victoria Gallery and Museum collection. Augustus John (1878-1961), later appointed Instructor of Painting and Drawing, was a member of the University Club, painting many portraits of the faculty members.