Racing surf boat card

Racing surf boat


On display

One half scale surf boat.Used by Cooks boys of Elder Dempster Agencies Ltd in race against United Africa Co. & H.M. Customs in Mar 1957 on occasion of Ghana celebrations. Prob. One half scale surf boat, paddles and oar (57.117). Note: 7 x oars of 57.117 are at MHQ 4C (08/03/07). Paddles and oar also collected under separate accession number of 57.117 (not on mimsy, and need to be subnumbered). Height not measured by Jonathan Carr only length and width 11/05/2017. Left on record. 9 paddles are currently on display with boat for Black Slat exhibition. Remaining 3 paddles (12 in total) are stored in JS2. 15/11/2017 MW. Large steering oar to be located. BW and MW looked for oar but could not find in boat store 14/11/2017. Further work needed to locate oar.