Razor Knife



Bronze razor with flat slender shaft and asymetrical head shaped to form an outward curving cutting edge.The tip of the head is missing. Described by the excavator as a "fleshing-knife". Excavated in House T.34.1 of the North Suburb at Tell el Amarna. The house is in an area of other 'wady houses' and is one of the largest and grandest, once home to the family of a man named Hatiay, Overseer of Works. Found under the floor of the inner sitting-room along with fragments of copper and silver; three bronze adze heads; a gold openwork brooch; and an incised alabaster spoon. Find number 30/606: North Suburb, House T.34.1. CONDITION NOTE (1998): nick near tip. tip missing. Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society in 1930. Acquired by the EES in the division of finds. Donated to the East Anglia Egyptian Society by the EES in recognition of a contribution to the EES (excavation subscription). Donated to Norwich Castle Museum. Purchased from the collections of Norwich Castle Museum in 1956 by Liverpool City Museum (now World Museum).