Records collected and created by Malcolm Dixon, ship's printer, QE2, Cunard, during service in the Falklands War, 1982



British Forces Identity Card in case of capture as POW. Issued to and completed by M Dixon. Plastic cover case for ID card. Notices accompanying UK Merchant Seafarers Veteran's Badge and South Atlantic Medal, 1982 (2 items). Colour photographs of M Dixon in Argentina and the Falkland Islands, from a later visit on QE2? (4 items). Colour photograph of M Dixon and ? Onboard QE2, taken in 1989. Would appear to be the same visit as images above. 1 item (photo and Cunard photo sleeve) Newspaper, Southern Evening Echo, ‘Duty Calls The QE2’, 12 May 1982. Newspaper, Liverpool Echo special in aid of the South Atlantic Fund ‘Victory in the Falklands’, 19 June 1982. Order of Service, Falklands 25 Sea Service commemorating the anniversary of the Falklands Conflict, Liverpool Cathedral, Sunday 22nd April 2007. Cunard briefing note to crew of Queen Elizabeth 2 at Southampton 12th May 1982, outlining details of the military requisitioning of the vessel. ‘Message to next of kin of our staff sailing in Queen Elizabeth 2’ A Williams, Fleet Personnel Manager, Cunard, 26 May and 7 June 1982. (2 items) ‘Crews News’ Published for the Master QE2 by Ed Centre 5 Inf Bde [Infantry Brigade], Ext 331. Presumably printed by M Dixon. 30 May – 6 June 1982, 8 items. 5 Infantry Brigade newsletter, QE2 News. Published for Comd 5 Inf Bde by Bde Ed Centre, Ext 331. Edition 8, 23 May 1982 Map of Stanley showing individual properties, nd, c1982. 3 items (some duplicates). Falklands Islands Royal Engineers Briefing Map, 28 April 1982. Large map of Falklands Islands in 5 sheets, each approx.. 130cm by 100cm. 2 copies of sheet number 3, West Falkland. Plastic covered paper. With pen annotations. Cassette recordings of briefings from the Chief Army Officer and QEII Captain, 2 items. Videos of QEII returning to Southampton, 2 items - AV items only to be kept if prove to be playable and undamaged. Calendar for 1983 ‘the Falklands Taskforce’ photographs of the vessels sailing for or returning from the South Atlantic.