Records relating to Alfred Dennis Preece (born 1895), agent for colonial trading companies in Nigeria around 1920s-1950s.



Items re Alfred Dennis Preece, born in 1895, served in the Royal Marine Light Infantry during WWI and was employed as an agent for a colonial trading company in Lokoja, Nigeria. This first posting may or may not have been John Holt & Company, but he did start work with them in the 1920s and continued until his retirement in the 1950s. After retirement he lived in the Channel Islands. List of items: Two notebooks/diaries in shorthand written in Lokoja, Nigeria, 1919 and 1920. Typed transcription of the diary. Invitations to A D Preece from the Governor of Nigeria, The Chief Commissioner of the Southern Provences, and The Alake of Abeokuta, 1923-1946, 5 items. British passport for A D Preece, listing profession as 'Agent for Colonial Trading Company', 1929-1934. Tourist map 'travel in the Belgian Congo', January 1938. Pencil notes on a journey from Capetown, South Africa to Warri, Nigeria listing journey stages and expenditure, 1943, 4 sheets. Black and white photographs, 6 items, some captioned. 'Uncle Dennis' house, probably at Warri in Nigeria'. Group of white people in formal dress, men and women. Group of men under John Holt & Company Liverpool Limited sign, dated 24 March 1947. Group of men in suits labelled 'Warri Venture - African Staff T M Egbe, E O Oteri, J A Obahor, F A Heymann, G C A Onyiah, A T Obuobi, J B E Ogilo, G E Omatsola, P C Ejoh. Group of men in suits, copyright stamp 'Owolo's Novex Photo Works, Warri S.N. Group of people, possibly from a religious group, outside a building with a sign reading 'hail to our Jubilarian, Many Happy Days' with a faded caption that reads 'Silver Jubilee of Reverend ??? 10 July 1924. In all the group photographs Preece has been ringed in red pen.