Records relating to Captain Alfred Edward Norfolk, Larrinaga Line.



Diary of Captain Alfred Edward Norfolk, Liverpool, born 1864 - died 27 October 1918 (aged 54) of influenza. Diary of his service during the 1915 Gallipoli campaign, First World War, on Mercedes De Larrinaga (ON115318, signal code T.P.W.V), Larrinaga Line. Photographs of Norfolk in uniform, Norfolk and officers onboard MdL. Photograph of shipwreck, Blue Star Line?, labelled 'This is the wreck we are moored to'. Field service postcard sent to Mrs Norfolk, Anfield, 5 Nov 1915. Masters Certificate number 015281 issued Hull 1889. US Customs Service Seaman's Indentification Card, 1918. Transcript of diary and biography of Norfolk by John Readle.