Relief Fragment



Edge of a balustrade roll in the Maru-Aten (an ancient name for a building that stood in the desert to the south of the main city, near the modern village of El-Hawata). The polished surface of indurated limestone is carved with a column of hieroglyphs: dj anx Dt r...(meaning 'gives life forever...'). This is from the 1922 excavations of the Egypt Exploration Society and it has been marked 22/283 on the back in black paint. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, surface loss, chipped, pitted, surface dirt. Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society in 1922. Acquired by the EES in the division of finds. Donated to the East Anglia Egyptian Society by the EES in recognition of a contribution to the EES (excavation subscription). Donated to Norwich Castle Museum. Purchased from the collections of Norwich Castle Museum in 1956 by Liverpool City Museums (now World Museum).