Religious Figure / Hayagriva



Small Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze statue of Hayagriva, or Tamdrin Marpo. He is a powerful protector of the Buddha of Limitless Light - Amitabha. He is the guardian of the pure land Dewachen. He uses his weapons to protect against any possible problems and helps others overcome theirs. He stands lunging to the right on a single lotus throne, and treads on snakes with both feet. He has three heads with protective expressions, each with three eyes, the third one being the wisdom eye. His middle face is red - pigment still showing on beard - his mouth is wide open and snarling and his flame-like hair rises around a crown of skulls, topped by three horse heads. He has six arms, the raised right hand holds a five-pronged dorje, while the left one is also raised in the digdzub mudra (gesture of power). His forearms are missing their attributes which would be a lasso made of entrails, a trident, a spear and a sword. He wears the ornaments of powerful protection an elephant skin, which can be seen at the back, a tiger skin loin cloth and jewellery made of bone and skulls. The base is sealed and seems to have contents, it is incised with a double dorje. Sticker with faded numbers placed over this.