Religious Figure / Mahakala



A Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze statue of Mahakala in union with Prajna, his consort. Mahakala and Prajna stand and lunge to the right. In his first pair of hands he holds a skull bowl filled with blood of the ego and a chopping knife at heart level. The items in his other pair of hands are broken off and are unidentifiable. Above his natural eyes and bushy eyebrows is a third veritical eye. His snarling mouth has four fangs and is framed by a beard. His flaming hair floats up around his head and is topped by a crown of five skulls (two broken off). He wears the ornaments of powerful protection including a chain of skulls. His consort Prajna faces him, with the expression of a protector, she also has the third eye, flame-like hair and a crown of skulls. She also wears the ornaments of powerful protection. In her first pair of hands she holds a dorje and a skull bowl containing the blood of ego. She isn't holding attributes in her other four hands. They stand on a single lotus upward-facing pedestal.