Religious Figure / Palden Lhamo



Sino-Tibetan or Mongolian cast copper statue Palden Lhamo or Sri Devi. She sits side saddle on a mule with a saddle blanket made of human skin (her sons). The mule has a third eye on its rump and is fitted with tack and bridle made of poisonous snakes. Palden Lhamo has a bulging horizontal wisdom eye between her bushy eyebrows and two natural eyes. Her four fangs can be seen in her snarling mouth, which seems to be almost frothing. She has flame-like hair that floats up around a crown of skulls. Her right arm is raised and her hand is in harina mudra or lion gesture suggesting she once held a club, while her left hand holds a skull bowl full of blood before her heart. She wears the ornaments of powerful protection. The base on which the mule walks is littered with body parts and the pedestal is designed as three mountain peaks details with star-like plants.