Religious Figure / Ushnishavijaya



Small Chinese or Sino-Tibetan figure of Usnishavijaya or Tsuktor namgyal ma. She is a symbol of long life and is seen as a healer of illness. She has two legs, seated on a double lotus pedestal, in the meditational position. She has eight arms, each of which should hold an attribute the only one remaining is the vase containing the nectar of long life, which rests in her lap. She has three faces, the white face in the middle, the golden face on the right both of which have peaceful expressions, the left although peaceful looking should be a protective face, a small amount of red pigment on the lips is visible. She also has a third vertical wisdom eye on the forehead of each face. She wears the ornaments of the Bodhisattva, although all the jewels in the ornaments are missing, some red wax is visible. The base is still closed and stamped with an eight-sided dorje.