Report, 'Speaking our minds'



This report, published in March 1995, aimed to assess the HIV prevention needs of gay and bisexual men in the then Mersey region of the National Health Service. Incorporating studies from Chester, Crewe, Halton, Liverpool, Macclesfield and Warrington, the report’s objectives were to – • identify the needs of gay and bisexual men in each locality, • involve those men in the compilation of the report • to identify the differences between the needs of gay and bisexual men in urban and rural locations • to identify health educational needs in those communities. Interestingly the report noted that a strong Catholic influence in Liverpool hindered sexual health promotion in the city. “You are supposed to do HIV prevention work without mentioning condoms” - Anonymous “I didn’t know what w**king was when I first started doing it. When I first “came” I thought I had cancer. I used to pray and cry in front of statues for forgiveness”. - Anonymous