Rhyton, a ceremonial vessel in the form of an ass's head. The head was made in a mould, and the side strap style handle was attached to the vessel. The head is very realistic with flared nostrils, strong bones and facial muscles, eye brows raised and the eyes in a red slip. The ears were attached separately as the stand upright on the head. The exterior and the interior of the head is in black glaze, the details and decoration in red-figure style. The cylindrical part of the vessel has decoration in red figure of a female standing to her side and head in profile, hair tied in a knot at the back, wearing a draped long cloak and holding on her left hand a thyrsos. She has her right hand raised in front of her and holds an offering box. All the details of the hair, bracelets, the strut, the box and the sandals are in white paint. The woman is standing in the middle of two large palmettes, there is a stem on the ground underneath her right hand and ivy shaped leaf in white above the box.The edge of the rim is in conitnuous half egg shaped designs in red.