Red-figure on black rhyton in form of stag's head, with horns. The black slip of the interior and the exterior of the vase is very shiny, also metallic and the eyes of the stag as well as the horns are very realistic. Below the exterior slightly everted rim there is a thin zone of half egg shaped decoration. The neck is decorated with a two satyrs one turned to the right in an action pose and holding a kalathos in his left hand, the right hand raised towards the face as if he is greetings. The other satyr on the other side of the neck is moving to the right as well but has his head turned to the left, he is holding a horn shaped vessel in right hand. The area where the left hand is, is missing a fragment so we cannot see what he may be holding. In front of the satyr there is a plant, perhaps suggesting that the scene is taking place outdoors. In between two satyrs and the horns of the stat there is the head of Artemis Bendis with some areas missing. Apart from the areas of the rim missing and the neck where the handle attached to it. the rhyto is in a very good condition.