The River Mersey with a Distant View of Liverpool from the Cheshire Side

WAG 8793


This is a view of the River Mersey looking across to Liverpool, possibly from the south-east shore of Wirral (previously Cheshire). It is possible that this work is by Nicholas Pocock (1760 - 1821), a marine painter, who must have visited Liverpool and the Wirral in the late 1790s as three of his views were engraved (two published in 1798 and 1800). It is similar in style to 'Liverpool from Woodside', a coloured aquatint engraved by Francis Chesham (1749 - 1806). Copies of these works can be found in Liverpool Record Office. Alternative candidates for having painted this work might be J Jenkinson or Liverpool artist John Pennington (1773 - 1841).