Roslin Chapel - Interior Showing the Apprentice's Pillar

WAG 7591


Rosslyn Chapel is a 15th Century chapel in Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland with many intricate carvings. The Apprentic Pillar is an ornately carved pillar, said by legend to have been carved by an apprentice mason against his master's instructions. The master killed the apprentice on discovering what he had done and as punishment, his face was carved into the opposite pillar so that he would always have to look his apprentice's skilled work. Son of a corn merchant, Herdman was self taught and at the age of thirteen began sketching the fast-changing local scenes. He published many of his drawings in 'Pictorial relics of Ancient Liverpool', 1843, 1857 and 1878. He also exhibited views in France and Switzerland from mid 1830. His theories on curvilinear perspective were published in 'The Art Journal' 1849.