Route Irish



ID: A film poster for 2010 film Route Irish. A soldier, who is filtered in red, stands holding a gun. He is edited over a red banknote with Queen Elizabeth II on it. There is a target aimed over his chest, as though you are looking at him through the sight of a gun. Mark Womack stars in this story of political cover-up in post-war Iraq. Much of the film is set and shot in Liverpool, giving the audience a sense that the horrors of war are not far away. Director Loach’s naturalistic approach to filmmaking includes casting non-actors in key roles and the film stars comedian John Bishop as Frankie whose death sparks the conspiracy. Iraq war veteran and former Lance Corporal Craig Lundberg was also cast. Craig was left blind after being hit by a rocket propelled grenade while serving in Iraq with the King’s Regiment in 2007. His character in the film, a blind footballer also called Craig, is Womack’s ex-army friend. In real life Craig has played for England.