Salammbo card


LL 205

On display


The entrance to the gallery was originally directly opposite this sculpture, so when Lever's employees walked in, this was the first work of art they saw. Not something with a moral to make them work harder but a sculpture of a voluptuous nude woman entwined with a large snake. Salammbo is the work of a French sculptor, Maurice Ferrary (Fer/ar/y). Lever bought it brand new in 1900. The story of Salammbo is set in ancient Carthage. The daughter of a general wraps a sacred snake around herself, believing it will give her religious protection before she goes into the enemy's camp to retrieve a magic veil which will protect her people.Move around Salammbo and look at her figure. It has just the shape of a fashionable late Victorian corset. She had to fit the demands of Paris fashion, even though she was nude.The statue displays the technical skill and rich mixture of materials that Lever liked – marble flesh, bronze snake, even a red jewel on the head of the little god sitting on top of the pillar.