Rectangular chest of a Hellenistic cinerary urn, the bottom has rectangular sections roughly cut out of the centres of the long sides to create broad, rectangular “feet” on the corners; the front panel is carved in relief in a mythical scene. On the left, a warrior with hoplon-shield and sword turns with drawn sword toward a chariot with four horses in different stages of rearing or collapse; a warrior similarly dressed and armed with the round shield has collapsed backwards onto the bed of the chariot. A bull (seen in head and foreleg) is goring him with bent head and has one conspicuously bovine hoof (his left front) pawing at the fallen man’s shield. (The bull, now eroded, resembles the horses, but is clearly attacking.) The horses frame the small chariot with 8-spoked wheel, the upper two rearing, the lower two fallen onto bent knees; before and behind the chariot stand two Vanth figures, wearing short, cross-girt tunics and buskins, and brandishing torches; the right-hand (background) Vanth is winged. On the right edge of the scene, another warrior also helmeted and carrying the hoplon, moves to the right while watching the scene over his shoulder.