Relief sculpture from a sarcophagus of the 'Amorini-and-Medallion' type. The portrait of the dead woman is in the centre in front of a sea shell pattern. She wears a veil and holds a rolled scipture on her hand and rests her other hand on top of it. Two flying Cupids present her portrait, their flying garment creating a sense of movement in the still portrait. Directly underneath the portrait, there is in small scale another set of figures, a river or sea god underneath the left cupid and another figure holding a cornucopia underneath the right hand cupid. In between these mythical figures: a young person, naked almost lying down, his head supported by a bearded figure. A group of amorini and another figure seem to be listening or contemplating the figure of the young person. On the lower right side there are three Cupids, one of whom frightens the others with a mask of Silenus.