Sarcophagus Lid



Lid in alabaster from a cinerary urn of Hellenistic type, imitating the form of a sarcophagus. On a low, plinth-like slab base, a man reclines on his left arm, holding a patera in his right hand; he wears the hip-mantle. On the right front corner of the plinth are traces of an eroded inscription written from right to left in typical Etruscan technique. The head is now separate from the body (was once set on with plaster, traces of which remain). All surfaces are eroded and chipped. On the plinth, beginning at the right-corner, are traces of an inscription, now very badly eroded: …LA……AI… Probably the second part of the name was Larisal (so the inscription would have read “X, son of Lars” [then a surname]).