Sarcophagus of Bakenkhonsu card

Sarcophagus of Bakenkhonsu


On display

Before May 1941 this sarcophagus was on display in the Main Hall of the museum. During the rebuilding of Liverpool (now World) Museum in 1964, the shattered fragments of the sarcophagus were discovered in the ruined basement. The museum’s conservation specialists made the first attempts to restore the sarcophagus in 1988 with a final arrangement later on when more fragments were discovered. The sarcophagus was pieced back together with the missing parts reconstructed with resin (except the beard). When Charles Gatty catalogued the collection in the 1870’s he noted that it was "said to weigh 4 1/2 tons", but now the sarcophagus weighs 2172 kg less than half what it once was.